Visiting Maine

Maine is one of the leading vacation destinations in the US, for good reasons. Maine has some great cities with lots of attractions and natural beauty, along with excellent lodging, shopping, dining, and travel in the state's bigger cities. So if you're planning a visit this year, here are a few things you should know before visiting Maine.

Best Time To Visit:


Spring time is a good time to visit Maine, but the truth is that you can have a vacation in Maine any time of the year, depending on what you want to do in your vacation. There are unique activities to catch up on for each of the four yearly seasons, so no matter what time of the year you visit Maine, you will have plenty of fun activities to keep you occupied.

If you want to go on a skiing trip in Maine, March through April is the best time. Moreover, many ski resorts in the state usually lengthen the skiing holiday into Spring.

Meanwhile, the prospect of warmer weather (looming summer) plus extended daylight hours gets things heated up for summer: business owners start preparing for the upcoming busy season right around this time, so you can expect to catch up on many fun things.

You will find lots of restaurants, resorts, and shopping centers open during Spring to welcome pre-season tourists and offer good discounts.

Other activities to catch up on around late March and early April include birding, fishing, riding, and hiking. This is also a good time for moose sighting in Maine if this is your idea of fun.

A lot of tourists come to Maine during late Spring, just before the summer crowds arrive, so that they can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities in more solitude than they would in the months ahead when the tourist season peaks.


Summer is undoubtedly the peak of the tourist season in Maine because most people love warm weather. Obviously, this is also when all major tourist attractions in Maine are open for guests, that's usually from June to end of September.

This is the time when Maine beaches and coastal towns are most vibrant with activity and people. But the fun is not limited to coastal villages and beaches; the state's interior regions experience lots of recreational activities too.

The schedule of events in Summer entails carnivals, community festivals, arts and crafts, concerts, parades, children's entertainment, boat parades and shows, and many more.

Also, the month of August features a showcasing of two of the state's most favorite foods the Maine wild blueberries is showcased at fairs and festivals while the Maine lobster is on display at Lobster festivals.

Some tourists like to take island vacations during Summer time in Maine. You should also brace for kayak tours, windjammer cruises, boat fishing, scenic boat tours, lobster boat tours, and sailing trips, all of which are on full schedule during Summer.

There are many non-water activities to keep you busy too, including golf vacations, hiking trips, scenic drives, and biking tours, among others.


Summer is not the only time to catch up on almost any holiday activity; Fall is also a great time to visit Maine, especially for couples that have no school-going children. By Labor Day, most Summer tourists start to leave and as it gets to late September, there's a general feeling of quietude around most tourist attractions in the state. However, most tourist places remain operational through to mid-October.

If you want to make the most of a limited budget, this time is when many businesses offer off season rates.

Fall foliage starts around October as temperatures start to cool down, but the peak time for Fall foliage is different for various parts of Maine, but for most, it is early to mid-October. This is when the leaves have the most brilliant colors. Many Fall tourists like to visit the lakes region and the mountains for scenic drives, hiking trips, and biking. This time is also great to tour the Acadia National Park.

The beaches and most coastal vacation places will mostly be deserted in Fall, so it's a perfect time for couples to enjoy peaceful beach strolls.

A typical schedule of events in Fall includes harvest festivals, Halloween parties, and Fall fairs. As you go into November, you can start to sense the Christmas mood and by late November, events such as tree lighting and holiday craft fairs take center stage during the Thanksgiving weekend in Maine.

Also, many ski resorts start welcoming visitors around November and if you time your trip right, you may get a glimpse of the fist winter snowfall in Maine.


Winter is certainly not everyone's favorite time to visit Maine, but for some people, it is the best time. Of course, you need to be fine with cooler temperatures to enjoy Winter in Maine.

Most people that visit Maine during this time come to celebrate Christmas, usually from mid to late December. All major cities in Maine are vibrant with Christmas shopping, celebrations, holiday fairs, and festivals at this time.

As the New Year kicks in, winter will be well underway, meaning that there's a lot of winter sporting activity going on, such as skiing, winter hiking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, sleigh rides, ice-fishing, and many other winter sporting activities.

There are many Maine hotels, inns, and resorts that remain operational year round, and during Winter, they typically offer great Christmas and New Year's packages for families, and they give great discounts too.

You can get discounts for Valentine's day weekend too, as well as late Winter celebrations for St. Patrick's day. There are lots of winter activities for children as well as school vacations are seriously considered here.

Visiting Maine is a lot of fun, regardless of which season you take your trip. There are countless Maine vacation places always ready to welcome you. With some good advance planning, you can make your next Maine trip one to remember. Just be sure to get the best deals on lodging, dining, and general entertainment, among others.

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