Best Beaches in Maine

Maine is renowned for many things including its long, wide beaches that edge its coast. In particular, southern Maine beaches have soft white sand that's nice to stroll on a lazy summer day. Although Maine's ocean beaches typically have cold waters, they have a unique flavor of their own that makes them a top destination for tourists.

The cool breezes and the immaculate waters along the rocky shorelines provide for a perfect summer place to vacation, unlike any other place in New England.

It's hard to choose a single beach that you must visit on your Maine trip because each place is unique in its own way. Some beaches are fun for family outings while others offer convenience and a serene environment for some solitary reflection.

However, the following beaches should be high up on your list of best beaches to visit in Maine.

Long Sands Beach

This beach located in York, Maine, is a two-mile stretch of sand that provides a good place to stroll and laze around in the summer sun. For sure, you'll also meet lots of friendly people along this beautiful stretch. And while the waters may be chilly, you can still take a swim.

From this beach, you can have a clear view of the famous Nubble Lighthouse and there are many great lodging places that overlook the beach, particularly the Inn at Long Sands. Each room offers a stunning views of the ocean, along with a porch so that you make the best of the spectacular viewing point.

Additionally, there are a couple of eateries within striking distance of the beach, notably the fine sea food restaurant Sun and Surf.

This beach is the ideal family playground for both kids and adults, offering plenty to do than merely hanging around a beach.

Sand Beach

Sand Beach is sandwiched between the mountains and the classic Maine coastline. It's a relatively small beach stretching just under 300 yards long. Regardless of size, Sand Beach is a wonder of nature that's worth a visit.

Old Orchard Beach

In the off-season, this place is a ghost town, but come summer, cars and pedestrians fill up the leading drag. To be sure, there's a white sand beach slurped by the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic. However, the majority of tourists come to Palace Playland to shop in the dozens of T-shirt and trinket shops and ride the Pirate ship, among other things.

This beach is one of the largest, with a 7-mile stretch of sand. You can catch the soothing sound of the surf at the Pine Point in the north, or head south to Camp Ellis and toss some Frisbees or enjoy any other beach play.

There are lots to eat too but a slice of hot pizza and Pier fries will provide a quick fill up when you're hungry.

Old Orchard beach is a top destination for family vacations and has been so for generations.

Reid State Park

Reid State Park is located on Georgetown Island, east of Sheepscot Bay. It is a serene beach with large dunes, a perfect place to spend time alone searching for sand dollars or just viewing the ocean from the excellent views from the rocky Griffith Head.

Short Sands Beach

Short Sands beach is the ideal family beach offering endless fun things to enjoy as a family. The sandy beach has slightly warmer waters compared to the frigid waters of coastal Maine, making it perfect for swimming.

You can watch a free concert, play arcade games, play in the playground, shoot hoops, or simply enjoy ice cream as you watch the great views of the rocky Maine coastline. Short Sands Beach is the true definition of a good-time beach and if you're planning a family trip, this is certainly the beach to visit.

Goose Rocks Beach

Goose Rocks Beach is not that much frequented as most of the beaches on this list. However, it is renowned for its scenic and tranquil atmosphere and it's a great place to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Southern Maine tourist boom, consider Goose Rocks Beach.

Truthfully, it is a somewhat forgotten place, but it instantly becomes a favorite for those who have had the chance to see the spectacular Goose Rocks and the incredible views of Timber Island. There's no better place to sundown than Goose Rocks Beach.

Ogunquit Beaches

Stretching from the Main beach downtown to the Moody beach up north, the 3 mile stretch of Ogunquit beaches is one of the most beautiful places in New England. The stretch comprises a seemingly endless sandy expanse is unlike the typical Maine coastline and more like Cape Cod beaches. This is another good-time beach that has an appeal for family outings. Try out the dining places close to the Main Beach and catch some splendid scenery as you sit by the waters on a deck outside.

Popham Beach

Popham Beach is located in Maine's exotic Mid-coast area. It comprises a 3-mile stretch along the mount of Kannebec river. It's a nice place to meet good friendly people and there's generally good vibe at this beach. The scenery is splendid but that's not all; the Fort Popham ruin has a lot to serve as well.

Pine Point

Pine Point is located a few miles north of Old Orchard beach. If you're a seafood lover, this is a place worth visiting. There are a number of seasonal seafood restaurants for which Pine Point is famous. Have a taste of the popular fried clams any day in your favorite restaurant and you'll be sure to visit again soon.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is only one mile long but extends about 243 acres wide. It is another serene beach with extraordinary sea views. It is perfect for strolling around and just catching the cool breeze of the ocean.

There are many other coastal places of attraction in Maine. However, the beaches listed in this post should rank highly on the places you must visit in Maine.

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