Camping In Maine

A camping trip in Maine is one of the best vacation ideas you could think of. There are a multitude of camping grounds that offer lots of adventure and site seeing opportunities in this picturesque state. Many camping ground (whether inland or near the coast) offer hiking trails and cabins for rent, and if you want to camp near the coast, there's even more adventure at sea such as swimming in the cold waters of the Maine coast and searching for sea shells in the white soft sands of the beaches.

The most important thing to plan your camping trip in advance and know a little bit of what to expect, especially if you're visiting in a busy season such as summer.

In this post, we'll discuss a couple of camping ideas for a trip to Maine, especially those campgrounds that appeal to family vacations.

Medomak Family Camp

Medomak camp is a popular vacation destination especially for families. The camp offers a full range of outdoor activities that suit the whole family, kids and parents alike. Moreover, the camp is very accessible, only 25 minutes by road from the coastal towns of Belfast, Camden, and Rockland, and 90 minutes from Portland.

Medomak camp sits on 250 acres of land with a one mile stretch of lake shoreline. Lodging is in the form of one-room cabins made out of pine. Rooms are complete with beds for kids and adults, reading lights, a writing table, rocking chairs, and, of course, a bathroom and shower. The lake is just a strolling distance away and there are Adirondack chairs outside if you want to just sit and unwind.

There are counselors to show you how to go about the different set of activities or adults and kids, including fishing, sailing, archery, yoga, tennis, arts and crafts, and more.

Campers are split into groups based on age: kids are grouped as Little Stars, middle and high school goers as Rising Suns and High Clouds are the adults. There are scheduled activities for kids and they are encouraged to partake in them. Kids should ideally be five and above as per camp recommendations. But some morning activities may include kids from two to five years of age. Adults, on the other hand, may or may not get active.

Medomak camp is a true family camp that can make for a memorable vacation.

Searsport Shores

Searsport Shores Ocean-front campground is another vacation spot perfect for a family getaway. Located in the central area of the Maine's coast between Bar Harbor and Camden village, Searsport Shores Ocean-front campground offers both tent and RV camping in individual shaded campsites. Enjoy the beautiful picturesque of Maine Harbors and the breath-taking oceanside when camping at Searsport Shores.

Searsport Shores is a great get-away from the boom of southern Maine. Campers usually come here to escape from the congestion and bustle of southern Maine and enjoy some bit of old-fashioned family camping.

If you want tent camping, there are several shady spots where you can pitch your tent. Alternatively, you can pitch your tent in the open and enjoy the canopy of stars when it is dark.

You can never run out of things to do at Searsport Shores. Taste the cool ocean breeze on a kayak; go hiking on nature trails; indulge some tasty lobster on the shore; go fishing on the beach; discover the tidal pools or play beach volleyball, it's all up to you what you want to do.

Of course, you might need some few solitary moments in a quaint place away from people and if that's the case, you can access one of the several uninhabited islands just 5 minutes from Searsport Shores. You can go biking, hiking, or boating on these secluded islands.

Generally, Searsport Shores is a friendly place with lots of fishing and crackling campfires, not to mention the inviting ocean breeze.

Take a tour of Kennebec and Moose River Valleys

This is a region rather than a camping site but all the same worth touring. Best known for its fertile farmlands, the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys offers as many ideas for outdoors and camping as any other camping grounds in Maine. The Kennebec river, along with the various lakes, streams, and ponds that run through this area make it especially ideal for whitewater rafting.

There are some large cities in this region but if you're on a camping trip, you'll want to check out its serene, rolling countryside of characterized by old-fashioned villages in the areas of Belgrade Lakes, China, and Winthrop.

This is another perfect place for families because it offers endless opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and riding bikes, among other things. It also offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities as well as antique shopping in garage sales found in many back roads in the region.

Although the northern part of the Kennebec and Moose River Valley region is sparsely populated, it has lots of attractions for a great camping trip. The area mainly comprises expansive tracks of open space, stunning scenic views, and an abundant glimpse into the varied wildlife of Maine.

The Acadia National Park

Finally, the Acadia National Park offers the ultimate camping trip to Maine and it is one of the most visited and well known attractions in the state. The park sits on 35000 acres of land including 41 miles of coastline.

There are two main campgrounds with numerous campsites in Acadia, all located within woods and within walking distance of the ocean. You need reservation to camp at the Blackwoods campgrounds while for the Seawall campgrounds, it's a first come first served basis. However, Blackwoods opens even during off-season but with somewhat limited facilities.

Typically, campgrounds fill up from early July through September, so it's wise to make early plans and make reservations where necessary.

That said, there are many other sites to view in Acadia. When you take the Park Loop road, you can see the Sand Beach as well as Thunder Hole, among other sites. There's simply so much to see and get up to in Acadia Park, so make sure you include it on your next camping trip to Maine.

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