The Nightlife In Maine

Planning a Maine trip soon? You'd probably want to plan your Maine nightlife too as that's when you will make your entire trip more pleasurable. To start with, the nightlife in Maine (and the whole of New England) is generally not as upbeat as you'll find in some other states. Predictably, the big cities is where you'll find most of the nightlife action. Nonetheless, you definitely want to try out the nightlife in some of Maine's affluent cities.

Nightclubs and bars are a crucial part of the Maine nightlife. However, there's a lot to keep your nights busy and entertained, including theater, performing arts, comedy, lounges, movies, and more. With such a wide range of options, you're sure to find something that suits your tastes.


Portland is not only Maine's biggest city but also the trendiest. However, when you've been out on a couple of nights in Portland, you'll soon realize that each place has a unique crowd, a loyal legion of clientele.

If you're looking for bars and pubs, Brian Boru is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It is an Irish bar with a very casual setting. There are two floors, each with an outdoor deck. On Thursdays, they usually play live Reggae music on the second floor.

The crowd here is mixed: you'll find the more executive crowd on weeknights while on weekends it's usually a mix of everything, from grunge and urban to hip and yuppie.

Foreplay sports club is another nice place to spend the early hours of your weekend nights in Portland. It's a fun, upbeat atmosphere with mostly a younger crowd.

From Foreplay, you have countless options to spend the rest of your night in Portland. If you want to hang out with a younger crowd, Oasis and Iguana are the other places with a fun atmosphere. However, if you like things a bit more laid back, try the Big Easy for some soothing jazz and the crowd there is somewhat older.

The Free Street Taverna is the perfect place for a good happy hour weekend, with two outdoor decks. On top of their excellent service, they have some great food too.

One thing you should know is that you'll find many other great Irish Taverns every corner you turn, given the large Irish population in Portland. There are lots of bars and pubs, as well as mini-breweries.

For the dress code, there isn't much in the way you dress and anything goes. However, some places will not allow you in with your hat.

Bar Harbor

The coastal town of Bar Harbor has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife entertainment. The night scene is a mix of bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, and other social gatherings where you can go and socialize, mingle, and generally unwind.

Most bars and pubs in this small town have a laidback atmosphere. But if you want some really good beer, you're right at home in Bar Harbor.

The Thirsty Whale pub typifies the small-town tavern fully bedecked with wooden panels. It is a favorite for the locals and it's generally a happy place to be on any night.

There's Geddy's too, a place with a mixed crowd although most are usually visitors. There a lot of great beer as well and you might get a chance to watch a local musician playing live.

If you like comedy, you cannot miss a night at the ImprovAcadia for some witty, improvised comedy. The actors create spontaneous comedy using suggestions from the audience, at times. Moreover, there are shows that suit the whole families. Just be sure to check the right times for the different shows. Typically, there are two shows from Monday to Saturday (8pm and 10pm) and one show on Sunday at 8pm.


Lewiston is another big Maine city located in the south-central part of the state, with plenty of night spots to keep you entertained on any night. There are many eateries too that open till late in the night and some pubs also serve food.

Places you should try include the Blue Goose Bar and Grill, Oasis, Sportsman Athletic Club, the Pastime Club, and the Twelve Hour Club.


Auburn is another relatively big city by population and it's near Lewiston. There are so many things you can do here.

Fuel is a famous eatery that also has a bar. Visitors flock to Fuel mostly on weekends and you'll probably find it packed on Fridays and Saturdays. The food is exquisite although some may find it a bit pricey for a place like this. On weeknights, there isn't as big a crowd as on weekends. They have some great cocktails made in-house and the wine selection is impressive too.

Margaritas is another place you can spend the start of your evening before heading out to other happening places. It's not exactly a pub; it's more of an eatery with great food and drinks. It's ideal for a social gathering especially if you're catching up with your friends.


As the state capital of Maine, you'd expect Augusta to have a bustling nightlife. But truthfully, the nightlife here is not as bubbly as you'd want.

That said, the place is just fine but don't set your expectations too high. There are probably a couple of decent bars in the city and most don't open after 10pm.

If you want to eat after 10pm, the Gin Mill is probably the most decent place you can think of. You're basically going to just sit and chat in this place. The food is fine and there are some good cocktails too. You might catch a local musician playing live on Fridays.

You might also like to check out Sully's Tavern, Fat Toads Pub, Crossroads Restaurant and Pub, Pj's Lounge, Doobie's, Cloud 9 for some good dance music and seafood. Check out the Regal Augusta for movie night.

Overall, the nightlife in Maine depends on the particular place you visit. Portland and other big towns offer countless options in terms of nightlife. In some places, you will have to do with just pubs and laidback bars.

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