Places To Go In Maine

Maine is a popular State for tourists, both local and international, thanks to its invigorating climate all year round. It's a beautiful state with many unique things that you'll hardly find in other states, from the exhilarating scenery of the coast where Presidents and other high profile people frequently vacation to some of the most scrumptious sea food you'll find anywhere. There's a lot to see and many places to visit in Maine.

This post lists some of the must-see places in Maine and hopefully, they will motivate you to visit the state. Note that the time you visit Maine may determine the places you can go. Maine is a big state and there's usually a lot of foliage in the northern areas during the last weeks of September while for the southern coastal places, it's mainly during mid October.

Places to see the fall foliage

There are many spots to see the splendid views of fall foliage, including the following:

  • Greenville, a peaceful town surrounded by wilderness along the shores of the Moosehead Lake. It is in close proximity with Baxter State Park where Maine's tallest peak, Mt Katadhin, is found.

  • Rangeley is another good spot to view foliage with its blend of beautiful mountains and lakes.

  • You can also check out Mt. Desert Island especially for the oceanside views along with foliage. This is where the Acadia National Park is located.

  • Bethel is another beautiful place to see foliage. It's a classic New England town bordering the White Mountains on the Maine side.

Remember to book for accommodation well in time. While last-minute booking is possible, don't count on it, especially if it's going to include any dining arrangements.

You can view the foliage as you drive by but it's even more fun when you're off the road biking or hiking.

Coastal Maine

There are plenty of places to visit along Maine's coastal stretch. However, there are a couple of highlights that are a must-visit on your Maine coastal tour. Typically, the northern parts of the Maine coast are busier with tourists, but there are a lot of places you can visit, including the following:

  • The Bar Harbour Inn View: This place offers a nice vantage point to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and oceanside views along the coast. Book this place for accommodation to wake up to the beautiful ocean.

  • Enjoy lobster: If you want a taste of fine seafood, the northern Maine coast will certainly not disappoint. There are signs littered in all places offering lobster way before you reach the coast. The West Street Cafe and the Bar Harbor In are two favorite places for tourists. Check them out for some tasty lobster pie and wild blueberry pie, among others.

  • Flea markets: If you have a few extra bucks to spare, you can go bargain hunting in the numerous flea markets and antique stores along the northern stretch of Maine coast. You'll notice that a number of stores are housed in big red barns with the antiques piled from floor to ceiling.

  • Museums and art galleries: The towns of Rockport and Rockland offer a lot in terms of arts and galleries. You can indulge your artsy side at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland where you'll find a stellar assortment of American art ranging from classic pieces to contemporary art.

  • Check out the shop outlets: If you're a shopaholic, checking out a few outlets should be a must-inclusion on your itinerary. Check out the Freeport coastal village for a selection of unique stores. And for outdoors shopping, Bean flagship store is the ultimate departmental store to visit.

If you're looking for a quieter and quaint place, Maine's Downeast coast is the place to be. Checkout places like Eastport, Calais, and Machias.

From the Downeast coast, it's easier to get to Campobello Island in New Brunswick where Roosevelt vacationed in summer.

Of course, don't miss checking out the Acadia National Park on your way to Downeast coast. If you're an outdoors person, there's plenty to do here; bike riding, hiking, and boating, among others, are all great outdoors opportunities offered at the Acadia Park. The incredible rocky cliffs are an amazing place to take photographs and you'll love the beautiful oceanside views just across the rocky cliffs.

Places to Visit In Portland

Portland is Maine's largest city with some incredible attractions. Here are a few you shouldn't miss on your next visit to Maine:

  • Portland Headlight: This is a standout landmark and arguably the most recognizable in Portland. Surrounded by a rocky shoreline, this historic Lighthouse has adorned thousands of Maine postcards and it is a must-visit for any tourist.

  • The Old Port: This downtown place offers a lot to do for a tourist. There are plenty of shops at the waterfront area to keep the shopaholics busy, in addition to local restaurants. You can also take a tour of the islands by boat ride or ferry.

  • The Portland Observatory: If you want to catch the entire city view of Portland, the Portland Observatory on Congress Street is the best place to do it. The lookout tower is way up high and you have to climb all the way. Come with a camera and binoculars.

  • Fort Allen Park: This is another great place that offers amazing views of Portland city. Found on the harbor in downtown Portland, Fort Allen Park is pretty spacious and ideal for family visits.

  • Kettle Cove: Located along Highway 77, Kettle Cove is a nice to spend time on the beach either strolling or just lying down to work on your tan.

  • Kennebunkport: Kennebunkport is a small serene town that's famous for the Bush compound. This quiet, fishing town has a playhouse and plenty of shops to keep you busy.

Portland is also home to the state's finest dining places. While you'll find plenty of eateries throughout the state of Maine, the finest culinary places are in Portland. Don't miss out on the tasty lobster roll at Red's Eats, where both tourists and locals throng regularly.

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