Vacationing in Maine

Maine is a top family vacation destination and if you're planning a vacation there this year, you couldn't have made a better decision. Vibrant cities, a scenic countryside, and magnificent beaches all make for a memorable vacation in Maine, whether you visit alone or as a family. It's especially ideal for family vacations, with more than 540,000 acres of land occupied by state and national parks that offer a nature-based, adventurous trip for families. And if you love history and want to get firsthand experience of historic coastal places and cities, you will be pleasantly satisfied with what Maine offers.

Vacationing Ideas in Maine

As mentioned earlier, Maine has plenty of holiday attractions that have made it a leading tourist destination in the US. There's plenty you can do, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Beach Vacations

The southern coast of Maine is renowned for its white, sandy beaches that are perfect for a beach vacation for the whole family, especially during summer. The white sand and the countless water-based activities are the main features that draw holiday makers to Maine's coastal beaches.

Maine's coastline is littered with passages, inlets, bays, and lighthouses, among other things. There's a great deal of history to learn about, especially about the rich, ancient tales of sea voyages of ancient explorers as they made their way through the uniquely complex waters of the Maine coast.

There are more than 30 miles of white sand beaches along the southern coast of Maine, but that's just a fraction of beach vacation opportunities in the state. You can still enjoy quality beach time at any of the 6000 freshwater lakes and ponds. Notable beaches you shouldn't miss include the Sand Beach in the Acadia National Park, Ogunquit beaches, as well as Reid State Park, but don't limit yourself. Explore several options to get the best value for your budget and family size.

There is plenty of beach activity too, notably dining on fresh seafood and lobster. You will also have several options for touring islands and coastal villages mainly by boat.

Lodging along the coastal villages is abundant too; in many locations, it's easy to book a cottage or hotel room with picturesque ocean views. And with summer temperatures averaging 70 degrees, you can take a dip in the cool waters anytime you want, although the evenings tend to be chilly.

Vacationing in National Parks

The Acadia National Park has been consistently featuring as one of the ten most visited parks in the US (according to the National Park Service lists). The park offers many outdoor activities for visitors, as well as countless scenic views. However, this is not the only park in the state; Baxter State Park, the largest park in Maine, provides more opportunities for fun outdoor activities too, notably hiking as there are plenty of hiking trails, with many of them offering easy hikes for families.

The parks also offer numerous opportunities for camping, with ten campgrounds in Baxter State Park alone.

Other Maine parks worth exploring include Ferry Beach State Park, Rangeley Lake State Park, Roque Bluffs State Park, Swan Lake State Park, and Sebago Lake State Park, among others.

Vacationing in Maine Cities

City vacations in Maine are ideal for families that love the charm of fine city dinning along with shopping and museums. Augusta is the state capital and attracts a large number of visitors yearly. The Maine State Museum in Augusta is a top attraction, thanks to its living trout stream and archaeological artifacts.

There's also the Children's discovery museum that offers a lot for your children to learn; the Old Fort Western, the Pine Tree State Arboretum, and the state capital are other attractions in Augusta.

Portland, the largest city in Maine, is another big tourist magnet in the state, with incredible natural beauty, a rich history, and a bustling downtown, all of which are guaranteed to make your vacation one to remember. Located in the state's southern coats, Portland has it all: arts, sports, shopping, fine dining, outdoors and recreational activities, along with abundant world-class lodging facilities. In short, Portland is a must-see place in Maine.

But don't be restricted to Augusta and Portland only; there are many other cities in Portland worth a vacation, such as Auburn, Biddeford, South Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor, among others.

Vacationing in Amusement Parks

There are three amusement parks in Maine that are perfect for a family vacation. Ride with your family on the state's only wooden roller coaster at Funtown Splashdown, also with the tallest and longest flume ride. Although it suits families, there is a large dedicated area for kids.

Situated in the magnificent Old Orchard Beach is the Palace Playland that comprises 26 rides and a humongous video arcade.

The third amusement park you can visit in Maine is the York Wild Kingdom situated in York Beach. Here, you will find paddle boats, family rides, a big animal park, and a miniature golf course.

All the three parks are located in coastal towns, so you can enjoy the rides on a given day and the next day go and play in the sand while seashell collecting.


You can visit Maine to catch up with a variety of amazing events in cities and towns. As you could expect, there is a lot you can see and enjoy, from games, sports, antique shows, and historic events to fairs and festivals, museum exhibits, as well as art and crafts shows. However, some events usually fall on specific dates and days, so check with your trip planner to ensure that you're coming for the right event.

Overall, you'll never be short on activities to do or places to visit in Maine. It's important that you plan ahead in order to have a comfortable trip with your family. Even if there are plenty of lodging and dining places, it still pays to book ahead. You might also want to look for special discounts on family packages.

No matter which place you visit in Maine, you are guaranteed a memorable vacation.

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